Pet Sitting Testimonials

It is truly a pleasure and privilege to work with our wonderful clients, and we always appreciate your feedback. Here are some of the kind words that discerning pet parent clients of Kate’s Critter Care have shared:

Kate is a wonder! She’s incredibly organized, reliable, and flexible and, above all, she loves animals. She’s not just someone who takes care of pets on the side; she’s devoted to their well-being and happiness. I travel about twice a month for business and have a cat who doesn’t warm up to most people. But Dotty LOVES Kate. Kate sends me photos of Dotty on my phone when I’m away that make me think they’re having little parties at home without me! She also brings her treats and gifts and leaves me detailed notes describing how Dotty’s been while I’m away. Twice, when Dotty was not quite herself, Kate called me immediately, talked me through her symptoms and we decided together whether a vet would be necessary. I trust Kate completely and, quite frankly, have no idea what I’d do without her. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a “Kate” in their life!

-Tina C.

We are extremely impressed with your attention-to-detail, prompt and consistent communication, and of course, quality of care. While we’ve only had one visit and one sit from Richard, I am already ready to recommend you to friends. We were so thrilled to see the text message from Richard and to find our boys happy and well. We’re also pleased that the boys were on their best behavior for Richard. They are very low-key, but as we described to Richard, they can be quite shy. In the past we’ve had friends help out with the boys while we were gone and now realize that it gave us such a headache. Richard is so sweet and such a cat guy, that we had more peace of mind while gone and upon return than we’ve ever had (you are worth every single penny). We’re now eager to finalize our travel schedule over the next few months, and hope we can get your services booked again. We look forward to more sits from you! I’ll be emailing you soon with inquiries for July and August.

-Kate J. and Amber C.

I came home to find my dogs Dolce and Bella very relaxed and rested. Julie did an amazing job looking after them during my vacation. I was extremely pleased with the service you and Julie provided. I will recommend your company to my friends and look forward to having Julie watch the dogs again.

-Hilary P.

Everything went great with Lucy caring for our dogs – I am so happy to have found you all!!! We love our dogs and appreciate that you all take care of the dogs as if they were your own!

-Molly S.

I really can’t put into words how grateful we are for your help this past weekend. It may not seem like a big deal to some people, but we’ve actually never left Lewis with anyone before. So we were actually a bit nervous — that is until I found your website, spoke with you, and met Richard. From that point on, we were totally at ease. The daily text messages with pictures while we were gone? Amazing. The handwritten note and care package left behind for us? Incredible. It just shows such care and attention to detail — the exact things you want when someone is looking after your “kids.” Especially since it was short notice and a holiday weekend, we really weren’t expecting to get this lucky. Again, cannot thank you enough. You are providing such an incredible service. We’ll be in touch next time we leave town, for sure.

-Dion F.

All the animals were very happy on my return and I am very happy with the service. Lucy was great!

-Michele E. (DVM)

Leaving for an extended time is always bittersweet. The sweet part is a fun adventure and, without a doubt, the bitter part is leaving our dog and five rabbits at home. We feel truly blessed to have found Kate. She is beyond amazing! Kate is trustworthy, dependable, gentle, and caring. Kate not only provides the best attention and care to our companion animals, but to our home as well. Kate makes sure to keep our home nice and tidy and even puts freshly laundered sheets back on the bed for us! While nothing can compare to being at home with our animals, Kate gives us a truly priceless gift each time she stays with them – peace of mind.

-Lisa & Matt C.

Thank you so much, Kate and Julie, you two have done a great job. The Greyhounds seemed very content and the house was in great shape. It looks like you even brought in the mail and straightened up some. I was very, very pleased, and I will definitely call on you again for the next trip.

–Ivon L.

We were really pleased with the care that Lucy gave our kitties while were out of town the past few days. Just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great service!

-Charlene M.

Kate is awesome. She truly cares about our pets (2 dogs, 2 fish, and 3 birds). We are so happy to have found her and trust her completely. She goes above and beyond just feeding the pets. She has watered my plants when they needed it without my asking. She brings treats to leave at our house for the dogs and gives them more love than we do! She emails us every day while we are away with an update so we can rest assured.

-Beth & John L.

My animals adore Kate. I have five dogs and three cats and they all took to her right away. She has a very special way with animals; she talks to them and touches them as if they are equal beings. There is never a moment when they are ignored; it’s almost like they wait in line to commune with her. She is responsible and punctual and really tuned in to the dynamics of the household. She is one of only a very few people who I trust with my animals. She listens to my instructions well but also takes her cues from the animals themselves.

-Kathy R.

We have used Kate to housesit our pets, which include six dogs, peacocks, chickens, guinea hens, ducks, cockatoos, a Macaw, a finch, koi fish, and an emu. We need a person who can stay at our house to oversee our pets in the morning, noon, and night. Needless to say, until we found Kate’s service we were not able to go on vacations since there are few people who can care for such a variety of species in a confident and understanding manner. We were gone over a week on our last trip, and when we returned we found all the animals and their surroundings in good order. Kate kept us updated during our trip, which helped us enjoy our vacation more. We highly recommend Kate for pet and house sitting.

-Pat & Jim S.

Going out of town and leaving my three cats has always made me very nervous. Before Kate started pet sitting, there were many times that I did not go out of town because I didn’t know anyone I could trust with my cats, especially because I have one who tends to get sick easily when stressed. I was thrilled when Kate decided to start her pet sitting service, as finally I knew there would be someone who I could totally trust to care for my cats with as much love and attention as I do. Kate is wonderful about giving daily updates via phone, which always makes me feel closer to the cats even when I am away. Kate pays a lot of attention to detail, both with regard to the directions I leave, as well as in her feedback to me on how the cats are doing. It is comforting to know that if something were wrong with one of the cats, Kate would notice it as quickly as I would.

-Beth L.

Kate is a fantastic pet sitter! She has watched our two dogs and two cats, and they are always healthy and happy when we return. It gives us great peace of mind to know that Kate is taking care of them, allowing us to enjoy our time away. Kate is always very accommodating to special requests and is sensitive to needs for checking in on your pet’s well-being. We heartily recommend Kate for any pet sitting needs!

-John and Julie B.

Kate is a caring person, and she goes to great lengths to ensure that my two dogs are safe, happy, and content. One of my dogs can be quite a little rascal, chewing up random items in my house, and my other dog is quite the horse on a leash. Despite this, Kate always sings the praises of my dogs and genuinely enjoys caring for them. She is the first person I have ever felt completely comfortable leaving my dogs with, knowing that she cares for them just as much as I do!

-Rachel M.

Kate has walked our chihuahua, Loki, for about 7 months. We noticed a huge change in him as soon as Kate starting coming for her midday visits. Before Kate, Loki would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to play, but now he is much calmer and sleeps through the nights just fine. Recently, we got a new chihuahua puppy, Odin, and Kate has been wonderful with him, too. It’s hard to leave such a small puppy at home while we go to work, but Kate leaves us notes about her visits to let us know how the dogs were while we were away, and what they did during the day. Her visits range from walks, to playing in the yard, to playdates with other dogs in the neighborhood. We feel very comfortable, confident, and reassured leaving our dogs with Kate because we know that they are in great hands!

-Jaeda & Graham B.

As the president of Raleigh Rodent Rescue, I work with some of the best “animal people” in the area, and Kate ranks right up with them. She’s a knowledgeable, hard working, and compassionate animal professional. I feel completely confident leaving my animals (dogs, cats, turtles, degus, short-tailed opossum, rats, and chinchilla) in her care because I’ve seen how relaxed and comfortable they are around her. Even my shy boy–a nervous ex-feral cat–warmed up to her. She has their best interests in mind and puts their needs first.

-Veronica N.