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Kate has walked our chihuahua, Loki, for about 7 months. We noticed a huge change in him as soon as Kate starting coming for her midday visits. Before Kate, Loki would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to play, but now he is much calmer and sleeps through the nights just fine. Recently, we got a new chihuahua puppy, Odin, and Kate has been wonderful with him, too. It’s hard to leave such a small puppy at home while we go to work, but Kate leaves us notes about her visits to let us know how the dogs were while we were away, and what they did during the day. Her visits range from walks, to playing in the yard, to playdates with other dogs in the neighborhood. We feel very comfortable, confident, and reassured leaving our dogs with Kate because we know that they are in great hands!

-Jaeda & Graham B.

As the president of Raleigh Rodent Rescue, I work with some of the best “animal people” in the area, and Kate ranks right up with them. She’s a knowledgeable, hard working, and compassionate animal professional. I feel completely confident leaving my animals (dogs, cats, turtles, degus, short-tailed opossum, rats, and chinchilla) in her care because I’ve seen how relaxed and comfortable they are around her. Even my shy boy–a nervous ex-feral cat–warmed up to her. She has their best interests in mind and puts their needs first.

-Veronica N.