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Pet Sitting Services with Sliding Scale Rates

  • 30 Minute Pet Sitting Visit: $20 – $27 per visit
  • 45 Minute Pet Sitting Visit: $28 – $29 per visit
  • 60 Minute Pet Sitting Visit: $30 – $37 per visit
  • Simple Overnight Pet Sitting (9 pm–8 am): $65 – $75 per night
  • Extended Overnight Pet Sitting (5 pm–8 am): $80 – $95 per night
  • Premium Pet Sitting (24 hour care): $110 – $130 per day


  • Consultation: FREE with reservation for pet sitting services; $20 without a reservation
  • Key pick up/drop off service fee: $15 per trip
  • Cancellation fee: Cancellations with < 6 days notice are subject to a fee (see list)
  • Holiday fee: $10 per day added to all services provided on major holidays (see list)
  • Incidental services: $20 per 30 minutes, $30 per hour

General Service Information

Kate’s Critter Care proudly provides the highest quality pet care services available, and firmly believes that quality care entails far more than merely providing animals with food, water, and bathroom breaks.

During each pet sitting service, we will ensure that your animals’ every need is lovingly tended to, and will provide amenities including the following:

  • Dog walking and potty breaks
  • Playtime
  • Fresh food and water
  • Medication administration
  • Companionship and TLC
  • Litter box/cage/crate maintenance
  • Clean up of pet-related accidents
  • A note detailing relevant information from our time with your animals

Upon request, Kate’s Critter Care will gladly send you updates (via phone, email, or text message) so you can relax with the peace of mind that your animals are thriving in our care, and will perform basic household tasks, including watering plants, bringing in the mail and newspaper, taking out/bringing in trash and/or recycling, and altering lights and blinds.

General Rate Information

In an effort to make top quality pet sitting services more affordable for everyone, Kate’s Critter Care charges on a sliding scale.

A sliding scale is defined as “a flexible scale (of fees) adjusted to the needs or income of individuals.” This means that within a specified range, on the honor system, *clients may choose* how much they wish to pay for our pet sitting services. Rest assured that Kate and her team of professional pet sitters will provide the same exemplary service regardless of the amount you choose to pay in the sliding scale range.

Payment in full is due on (or prior to) the first day of service. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, checks, and cash are accepted methods of payment.

Pet Sitting Service Descriptions

Kate’s Critter Care offers a variety of in-home pet sitting services that can be customized to meet your animals’ needs.

  • 30 Minute Pet Sitting Visit: $20 – $27 per visit
  • 45 Minute Pet Sitting Visit: $28 – $29 per visit
  • 60 Minute Pet Sitting Visit: $30 – $37 per visit

Your animals enjoy a visit from a professional pet sitter for your choice of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Pet Sitting Visits are perfect for dogs who appreciate mid-day walks during your long work day and for animals who do not require live-in/overnight care when you are out of town.

*Note: To ensure your animals’ comfort and wellbeing, clients requesting Pet Sitting Visits while they are out of town will be required to reserve a minimum of three visits per day for dogs who do not otherwise have outdoor access (i.e., via a doggie door), and a minimum of one visit per day for all other species. This means that Kate’s Critter Care is unable to visit dogs only twice per day, or to visit cats every other day, when you are out of town.

  • Simple Overnight Pet Sitting (9 pm – 8 am): $65 – $75 per night
  • Extended Overnight Pet Sitting (5 pm – 8 am): $80 – $95 per night

Your animals enjoy overnight care from a professional pet sitter from your choice of 9 pm – 8 am or 5 pm – 8 am. When you are out of town, this service is great for animals who may benefit from more companionship than Pet Sitting Visits offer, or for clients who wish to have an added layer of security to their home overnight. In addition to the basic amenities included with every pet sitting service, additional dog walks, potty breaks, playtime, overnight companionship, and morning and evening feedings are provided.

*Note: Kate’s Critter Care does not provide solely Simple Overnight Pet Sitting—without a supplemental afternoon Pet Sitting Visit—for dogs who do not have a doggie door.

  • Premium Pet Sitting: $110 – $130 per day

Your animals enjoy around-the-clock care, never being left alone for periods greater than four hours at a time. With this premium service, your animals receive all the amenities included with all other services, plus virtually unlimited dog walks, potty breaks, playtime, and companionship. Premium Pet Sitting is the next best thing to your animals having you home with them!


Some of the following fees may apply, based on specific circumstances.

  • Consultation fee: FREE with service reservation; $20 without reservation

The initial consultation is FREE if a pet sitting reservation is made before or during our meeting. There will be a charge of $20 for consultations without a reservation for services (for instance, when clients are “interviewing” pet sitters). We are happy to apply the $20 consultation fee payment toward services if a reservation is eventually made.

  • Key pick up/drop off service fee: $15 per trip

Kate’s Critter Care asks clients to provide two tested keys during the initial consultation. For clients who choose not to do so, key pick up/drop off services are offered at a charge of $15 per trip.

  • Cancellation fee: Because Kate’s Critter Care accepts jobs on a first come, first served basis, and does not overbook, late notice cancellations generally make it impossible to re-book the time that was reserved to care for your animals. Additionally, time-consuming efforts are invested in performing a wide range of administrative tasks every time a reservation is accepted and, again, anytime a reservation is cancelled. With this in mind, the following cancellation fees will apply:
    • 0 – 48 hours notice: 75% of complete service ($250 maximum)
    • 3 – 5 days notice: 50% of complete service ($150 maximum)

*Kate’s Critter Care is unable to offer refunds or service credits when clients return home early during the course of a pet sitting reservation.

  • Holiday fee: $10 per day added to services on the following holidays:
    • New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day
    • Easter
    • Mother’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Father’s Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day & day after Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

*Your professional pet sitter receives 100% of the Holiday Fee as holiday compensation.

  • Incidental services: $20 per 30 minutes, $30 per hour

There may be times when circumstances beyond our control (related to your animals or home) present themselves during the course of a pet sitting reservation and, in the event that such circumstances require additional services and/or time, a fee for incidental services may apply.